Healthcare Sabha 5-6 Oct, 2018

Dr Henk Bekedam

WHO Representative for India

Sujata Rao

Ex Health Sect, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, GOI

Ashish Modi

Joint CEO, Rajastha State Health Assurance Agency

Binod Kumar

IAS State Nodal Officer, RSBY Secretary, Heath & Family Welfare, West Bengal

Lokesh Sharma

Senior Principal & Practice Leader - Public Health, AMESA at IQVIA

Ratna Devi

CEO and Co-founder of DakshamA Health and Education

Rajiv Kumar Jain

Additional Chief Medical Director Health and Family Welfare, Indian Railways

Key Themes

  • Health Ethics, Economics and Efficiency: Where does India stand?
  • Strategies for capacity building in public health
  • PPPs in healthcare: How can we strike the right balance?
  • Ramping up health promotion: Dealing with Indias dual disease burden
  • State Health Financing v/s Central Insurance: What works best?
  • New Age, New realities: The changing dynamics and priorities of Public Healthcare and methods to deal with it


Healthcare Sabha March, 2018

100+ Senior Dignitaries
Key Speakers
Exhibit Booths
Networking Dinner